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Fri, Sep 19, 2014 4:42 PM


Stepping Backwards undoes change AND takes me back to previously-selected layer - very frustrating

Not unlike most folks posting in this community, I use Photoshop more than any other program and have used it for going on 20 years, give or take a year.
There is one hangup I have that I constantly run into that bugs and frustrates me that I wish could be addressed. It seems to be a simple issue on the surface.
I tend to use dozens and dozens of layers when creating illustrations. If I select a layer to edit, make an edit to that layer then Step Backward (that is, I undo the change I made), Photoshop undoes the change and takes me back to the layer I was on before making the change. If I want to continue to work in the layer I selected, I have to find it again and, as most of you know, finding the layer again can be a bit time-consuming.
When I Step Backwards, I expect to undo the change I've made to the layer I am on and NOT undo the change *and* take me back to the previously-selected layer.

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Photoshop: Don't understand the undo/redo system


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6 years ago

I +1 to the above and Id like to ad the description of the problem in my own words.

Can you please make the step back command NOT go back to the previously selected layer. One press of step back should be undo the last action, next press of step back should be undo the active layer change. Please dont do both in one action.

The UNDO tool behaves correctly but it only has 1 previous state. It doesnt make sense for the user to keep in mind whether he wants to go back 1 step and use UNDO or go back multiple steps and use STEP BACK.