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Sun, Oct 21, 2012 10:14 PM


Step Undo Annoyingly Undoes Layer Selection Too!

It his hugely annoying for me that step undo also undoes your layer selection. If there was a way to turn that off I would LOVE it. I waste tons of time every day fixing mistakes caused by being on the wrong layer because I selected it made some marks, quickly undid the marks, started making more marks and then later realizing I'm on the old layer! PLEASE FIX! it's been a major issue for 10 years!:)

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Photoshop: Don't understand the undo/redo system


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8 years ago

Install this, hook this up to your favorite Undo Key combination, and enjoy undo-sanity.

I really wish Adobe would listen to it's users here (vocal minority or not...). People having to go to these lengths to restore sanity to their workflows is just not cool. Not cool at all, Adobe.

Yes, there are troves of people not encountering this issue, bless them, they use Photoshop differently, and they don't mind (or notice...) the inconsistency of undo'ing multiple actions with one command. To get there, I switched layers, made a brush stroke. When I press undo, please only undo my last action, *NOT* my layer selection. It was a SEPARATE action on my part. Rawr!