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Fri, Jun 19, 2015 2:50 AM

some thoughts.

It would be cool to feed in images or concept drawings, concept paintings, to photoshop and manipulate the code through node based networks! Just a thought.

What would be really cool is if Photoshop snapped inside of game engines so that you could just draw and paint inside the engine. Idk if that's stepping to far though. I mean if zbrush and photoshop like fused together when you loaded both of them so you could take advantage of both applications through one interface. Or with 3ds max, or thinking more adobe, illustrator and photoshop snapped togher, or photoshop and flash, so you could use the photoshop stuff with the vector drawings. Just a thought, maybe create and overlay window that manipulates the
image in vector and then has a raster layer on top of it so one would be a vector layer and one would be a bit map layer. Maybe draw in vector then use the neural network to paint the bitmap image with the photoshop tools. Kinda the way that 3d programs apply a texture to a mesh with uv coordinates? Just some thoughts.


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