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Tue, Dec 5, 2017 5:14 AM

So annoyed... Shape Blur filter halted my PS since 4 hours ago...

SOOO FRIGGIN ANNOYED... I am in photoshop. Made a moon selection, tried to blur the selection via shape blur filter. I changed the pixel radius to 742 pixels, and now the whole thing is not moving anymore. The only thing I can move is the Shape Blur window. Can not quit photoshop, can not cancel , can not ok, nothing... Have been trying to get into a chat with adobe, but there is no chat available for photoshop... I would like to avoid shutting down the computer as I have a couple of selections going, and I don't want to loose all I did today. FUDGE... Is there a combination or a way to find a phone number for Adobe? Or can anyone here help me?


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