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Wed, Nov 28, 2018 2:21 AM

Simple is Best

I have had a horrible time with Lightroom. To the point where I'm going back to Apple Photos. I import my photos into Lightroom only to find that you store them in some proprietary format I can't access somewhere deep in the package contents of a file on my hard-drive. There's no "reveal in finder" option - nothing. I then find out that you are surreptitiously uploading my photos to your cloud without my permission. Photographs of my family.


We're done.

BUILD A PHOTO MANAGEMENT APP THAT JUST DOWNLOADS THE PHOTOS TO MY COMPUTER. Photos that I CAN REACH IMMEDIATELY. If I want to post-process, I'll post-process. I have to RESAVE all of the photos I imported to Lightroom all over again DOUBLING hard disk space I'VE ALREADY USED. Honest to god, WTF? The save process stalls when my computer goes to sleep even after selecting "prevent sleep during sync" - you should have a "prevent sleep during save" too. You have no idea how frustrating it is to wake my computer only to have the save function reinitiate FROM THE BEGINNING on a set of 1600 photographs.

I've lost my wits with you, Adobe. I love your company and generally love your products - but I'm done.


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