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Sat, Dec 28, 2013 5:23 AM



REVEL: Slow update timeline

Can someone please explain why it takes so long for any significant updates to take place to Revel? We keep adding ideas for developers but they never appear eg moving photos between libraries.

If Revel is to really have a chance to stand out against the current mainstream apps like Instagram the update cycle is going to have be much more frequent and 'eye catching'!

For example still no decent link to Lightroom, no noise reduction feature, no library movement, nothing on Android, no PC/MAC app update (still old style), no online print feature, no copy of edits to multiple photos etc etc.

No doubt the developers will reply these are being thought about but I reckon in another year little will have changed and Revel still won't get 'Featured' anywhere as a result.

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7 years ago

Hi Duncan,

Revel is available on Android, Windows8, Mac, iOS, and via browser at 

Moving between libraries is on the wish list to be considered, photos can be printed to Walgreens from, iOS and Android version of revel. 
Files in iOS can download either the original or edited versions. 

I am sure that you still have requests, but we have made progress on 5 platforms with many new features and we are listening. Feel free to let us know if you have additional items to be considered for the wish list that would make your workflows easier.

Best Regards,