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Tue, Jun 3, 2014 10:00 PM



Revel: Sharing albums

I only wish to share Albums with specific people and want to prevent them from passing on/sharing links with others - how do I do this? Having experimented it seems the recipient of an Album link can forward it on to others without permission/full access. I do not want photos being passed on and viewed by others,

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7 years ago


As you describe, anyone with the link can view the files and pass on the link.

Brainstorming your end goal and possible solutions.

If we gave you the ability to individually password protect albums would that help? (Of course users could just as easily pass around passwords.) We don't have that capability currently.

Would "Read Only" access to a library be something that would solve your situation? You could create a library and mark it "Read Only" the user would have to log in. Again log ins can be easily shared. And again we currently don't have the ability to set a user as "read only" in a library.