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Tue, Dec 27, 2011 7:42 PM

Revel: How do I send photos to Blurb for printing?

Carousel: I can't seem to send photos edited in Carousel to blurb or any other account for photo books or printing. I can download one photo at a time, save to my desktop, then upload to blurb... or do the same then import to iPhoto or Picasa and then to Blurb, shutterfly or other....

Is there a more direct way to do this via Carousel?

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10 y ago

Hi Marisol,

Unfortunately, there isn't a better way than what you've already discovered. There are plans to incorporate more batch related features into the product in the future but I haven't heard of plan to add an option for sending to Blurb, that would be a good feature request (Share an idea).


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10 y ago

It would have been great if Carousel could use the same export/publish features as Lightroom. It would be even better if Lightroom and Carousel would merge into the same product :)