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Fri, Dec 28, 2012 2:21 PM


Revel: Allow to download/export full library with one click as .zip file

I would love to keep my pictures in Revel but you never know how long Revel will exist. So I would like an option to export my library as a .zip file with my pictures sorted in folders named by date and event name. I know that I can do this event by event. But it would make me feel more comfortable to know that I can have all my pictures with one click in the structure I created. To reduce download volumes you can make this possible only to computers that have keep my originals enabled so that the pictures are already on the hard drive. Going into the package file is not very elegant.

Thank you very much

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8 years ago

It seems you already know that Revel when Keep Originals is enabled in your Mac Revel app settings, Revel organizes your original photos by date in /Pictures/Adobe Revel/Adobe Revel Library.rvl -- and this library can be viewed using Finder by "Showing Package Contents (via Ctrl-click on the library file).

Regardless, your points are well taken. I myself have wanted to ZIP and export entire events or albums, whether my own or a partner's. I'll ensure this feature request is being tracked.