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Fri, Dec 28, 2012 2:14 PM


Revel: Allow individual setting of timespan for events

At the moment I can only add pictures to an event when the date of the picture is not further apart than a few days. Sometimes I have a picture I would like to add that is further away than a few days. I know that I could add different events to an album but I would love to have both options. So please add a setting to change the timeframe for pictures to be added to an event (from a few days to no timeframe-limit at all). Sometimes I've got several events taking place in the same timespan and I don't want to have my events sorted like this

Event 1 Part 1
Event 2 Part 1
Event 1 Part 2 etc ...

At the moment I change the time the pictures were taken to add them to the same event but that is not the way it should be.

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8 years ago

I understand your point here. I myself have used Revel's Adjust Date feature on a photo just so I could get it into the 1-week range of a particular event which I wanted the photo to join. Though product management monitors feedback on the forum here, I'll make a point to run this topic by the team again.

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8 years ago

Sadly this suggestion isn't attracting much attention, but it's a really good one!

Removing the time constraints on 'Events' might help address several other requests on this site for the nesting of Albums.

This might be slightly off topic, but It would also be good if we could Share Events (rather than entire albums) and be able to view events in the Web browser.


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8 years ago

Thanks for the input, Larry. We will share that with the team and add your ideas to our feedback list that we review for consideration in future releases. It is good to hear how people wish to use the product.