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Thu, Jan 15, 2015 11:07 AM


Revel: Add Library Permissions for Add, Edit and Delete

I manage several libraries using Adobe Revel. Some of this libraries are truly shared libraries for parts of my family, but I use others just as "public galleries" for friends to give them access to my work.

While sending URLs around and give them access this way, I like the idea to add photos to some albums over time. When I do this, all my friends which joined this library get notified about the new photos without any effort from my side.

I also like this idea my friends can see the photos from their smartphones or tablets using the Adobe Revel app.

The only thing missing are the permissions.

Currently each member has automatically full permissions on the library. I would like to see permissions for this scenarios:

A) Trusted Sharing (current situation): Every member of the library has full access and can also delete and edit all photos from other albums.

B) Sharing: Every member has read access to albums which are not owned by himself, but can like and add comments. Every member can add/edit/delete own albums on which he has full access.

C) Private Gallery: Every member has read access to all albums but can like, comments on photos and download.

How to implement this permissions:

First there are different levels of permissions:

- Library Permissions
- Album Permissions
- Photo Permissions

Album Permissions have precedence over library permissions.

There is also the term of the "owner".

- A library has an owner, which is the person who created the library.
- A album has an owner, which is the person who created the album.
- A photo has an owner, which is the person who uploaded the photo.

The actual permissions are the following ones:

- Add: Add new photos/albums.
- Remove: Remove photos.
- Edit: Edit the caption of a photo/album.
- Download: Download the original photo.
- Comment: Add comments/favourites of photos.

1. Only the owner of a library or album can change the permissions.
2. The owner of an album/photo can remove it, even if remove is not allowed.
3. The owner of an album/photo has always all permissions.

Should be simple to implement. To avoid confusion for "normal" users:

- All permissions are granted by default.
- Place the permission setting in some sub-menu.
- Make the current permissions easy visible, probably with some icons.

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6 years ago

Hi Ope,

Again, thank you for your feedback! It's exciting to hear great ideas from our users. I will certainly let the product management team know your feedback!


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6 years ago

This feedback is spot on, thanks Ope. Adobe, can we have these by Friday? ;)

I would like this app/tool is to replace the Apple Photo sharing, please add these features.

Links and management directly from Lightroom would be a big bonus too.


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6 years ago

Hi Richard,

Wouldn't THAT be nice? :D

I shall pass this along.