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Thu, May 17, 2018 11:49 PM


Please include Library assets in "Recent"

The CC Library is all about convenience and workflow efficiency. So it seems a little odd that when you're frequently working on a Library graphic, actually opening it when you open photoshop is more convoluted than for regular files. 

Currently, files that are saved in the Library don't appear in the "Recent" workspace. They're only available from the Library panel, which is always closed when Photoshop starts. So, for regular files, the process looks like this:

1. open photoshop
2. single-click on thumbnail from the Recent workspace

For Library graphics it looks like this:

1.   open photoshop
2.   click on "window" menu
3a. Click on "Libraries" menu item
3b. Wait for Libraries panel to 'wake up' while it talks to the internet
4a. Ensure that your desired library is selected from the dropdown in the Libraries panel
4b. Hover over the library to activate the thumbnails' titles so you can see the names of the documents
4c. Double-click on your desired thumbnail

I don't see why recently edited Library PSBs couldn't also show up in the thumbnails of recent files in the "recent" workspace (with a little cloud icon to highlight that it's a library graphic and not a local file). It also wouldn't hurt to make them available from Bridge somehow (a library panel and/or recent files workspace in Bridge?)

To clarify: I don't think we should see recently used Library graphics there (eg. a library graphic that was recently embedded in a document). Nor should we see library graphics that have merely been renamed recently or moved/duplicated between libraries . We should only see recently edited library graphics (ie. the user double clicks on the library graphic, makes changes, and hits save). 

While I'm here, I may as well also mention another desire I have, which is to give us access to the Recent workspace when files are open. I really wish that I could use a hotkey like ctrl-O to access the Recent workspace when I need to open a second or third recently-used file.

It can take a lot more time and concentration to find the file you're looking for by browsing through bridge or looking through the text-only drop-down list.


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