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Fri, Jun 17, 2011 7:38 PM

Closed Display tags as clickable links in a list or tag cloud

It would be great when would display all used tags as clickable links in a list or tag cloud. Of course we can use the search box, but the possibility to additionally see tags would not only help to directly navigate to interesting themes, but also inspire us to better or simply other searches.

We would find the tag cloud on the bottom of an every page.

Thanks, Michael

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5 years ago

I do I know I am replying to the person I chose?  Wow, Elements is a real problem.  Anyone want to give a senior advise about working 14.  I download some pictures, but cannot bring them up for editing.  So, I now have 100 on my Canon that I am afraid to download, until I understand the problems I have been reading about.

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You posted on a very old topic that has absolutely nothing to do with your question.

Please reference the new conversation here: ELEMENTS - can't open pictures I downloaded

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4 years ago

Does Lightroom online actually show up any tag ? I would appreciate it would. And of course it would be find to be able to edit them or at least to mark our photos with them. Thxs