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Sun, Apr 10, 2011 4:19 PM

Closed Allow Guests to leave comments on photos without having to log in

VIA TK: It would be great if guests could leave comments as well. Asking someone to register before they can comment is a bit awkward. The need for moderation (spammers, etc.) wouldn't be an issue with private URLs.

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9 years ago

I agree. Specialy older people have an aversion to log ins. And there are many these days.....older people AND log ins :)

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8 years ago

That's why I set my album up so that it could be shared with anybody who clicked on my personal URL. Like a little storehouse where I can share photos with whomever I choose. That restriction makes this more like a social website where "friends" share with "friends". Few people would want to "join up" simply to see my photos - there are better ways...