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Mon, Mar 21, 2016 9:23 PM


Photoshop: Update displace filter

Seems that this effect hasn't been updated since I first started using photoshop 10+ years ago.  Its very useful for texture artists but having to load in a psd without any real control seems very archaic now.  Could it not be updated with the after effects version which works great?  In after effects you can displace a layer from another layer within the document and set the displacement in x and y from different channels.  Would be a much more intuitive workflow


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4 years ago

I wonder how much extra work it would be do make this a true 3d displacement where it creates a mesh, like in the liquify tool, then displaces the mesh vertically based on the texture, and the user adjusts the "view" angle with a little circle-slider like you do for the lighting angles in layer styles. It would allow for a huge leap in control over how your displacement looks.

1. Create b&w height/bump map in a new layer (or perhaps it would use layer mask like Lens Blur filter? Or support Normal Maps?)
2. Select layer to distort.
3. Use Distort filter.
4. Select from "File...", "Layer", or "Use Layer Mask"
5. Adjust the "height" (or "Scale") slider
6. Position the angle of the displacement (like the light angle circle-adjustment in other filters)
7. See thumbnail preview.
8. Celebrate!

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4 years ago

That sounds like a good idea, but at the rate adobe is adding bugs, it may be worse and we'll have something else to post about.

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3 years ago