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Tue, Mar 13, 2012 6:12 PM


Photoshop Touch: Support higher resolution in Photoshop Touch

High resolution for Photoshop Touch

I am part of many large social sights on Facebook that are iPhoneographers, iPhone Photographers. I recently asked if they were using Photoshop Touch. I will say not one of them are in support of the product as it is. There is overwhelming majority who DO NOT want to put the time and effort into learning the application or the time it takes to process an image with the application for a 1600x1600 image.

Many galleries are now accepting iPhone images because the size of the image is acceptable. They will NOT accept ones that are only 1600px.

I am a contributor to Aurora Photos stock agency with my iPhone images and they will NOT accept images that are only 1600px.

So I ask, why would you limit the app to such a minimal amount?

Please know that many of the iPhoneographers are very serious 'big camera' photographers that need the power of Photoshop on the computer. By using Photoshop Touch on a daily basis they will become better at using Photoshop on their computers and therefore stronger advocates of the Photoshop product in general.

So please up-res the Photoshop Touch app so we as iPhoneographers will be excited to use it and speak highly of its incredible features instead of speaking negatively about the lack of resolution!


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9 years ago

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8 years ago

I'll buy this app when its programmed to support Retina display on my 3rd Gen iPad. Since I'm 70, I hope this happens before I die