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Wed, Jan 22, 2014 4:34 PM


PHOTOSHOP: Tool Improvements needed?

Dear Photoshop CC Team - Here's my Wishlist

The tool icon (for example - the circle when using the brush tool) is very hard to spot on some background colours - like a grey BG (background) on a photo - it can disappear - can it not be set to other colours? Or automatically alter based on BG?

Can tools like brush have an on-icon guide to opacity and hardness?

Perhaps the tool icon can be two tone coloured and a clock face approach to showing how much opacity is being used? E.g. - half the icon one colour = 50% opacity.

Hardness could simply be 1 to 4 cross strokes across the bottom of the icon? (As there are 4 settings)

I use shortcuts all the time, but an on screen reference would still be better and quicker, especially as I use 100% opacity frequently and often assume it is set to that already only to have to backtrack as I'd left it at 20% from a different photo area.

Is there a way to toggle (shortcut key) between highlights, midtones and shadows in the dodge and burn tool?

If not, that's a perfect example of when my suggestions above may be useful - I hit the O key to do some dodging - and the small circle on the screen tells me nothing about if I am using dodge or burn. I have to look to the tool icon panel, then the top toolbar to see exposure and whether I am working in highlights or shadows etc.

I'd really like to have these ideas thought about.




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7 years ago

Hi Phil. Maybe I can help you with a few of your topics.

The tool icon - you can change the way your cursor appears in the work area by going to Preferences / Cursors ..

Few additional useful tips for Brush Tool - by pressing Control - Option while using Brush, you can change the size of the Brush Tip and changing the color of your Brush can be achieved by pressing Command-Option- Control while using the Brush Tool. But there is more. The keyboard shortcuts can be very powerful.My favorite technique is to press the Control Key in various stages of my work. This will show you ALL available options for the given tool or an image.

Tool opacity, layer opacity etc. - use your keyboard number pad. For example, if you have brush tool selected, by pressing simply 5 on your keyboard, the opacity of your Brush Tool will change to 50%. You can also press 05 to set the opacity to 5%, 0 to 100%, 55 to 55% etc.. The same technique will change Layer opacity with a Move Tool selected.

To toggle between Dodge and Burn, press Option Key on your Keyboard.

All of the above info is for Mac users.

Hope this helped.

Good Luck!

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7 years ago

Thanks for that great reply. There's loads of tricks there I didn't know existed.
I'll get on with using them now.