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Wed, Jan 24, 2018 9:45 PM


Photoshop: Please add customizable number of control points to Transform Warp

I don't know the reason Adobe hasn't implemented this. I've often wondered about that one myself. At a minimum it would be nice if Adobe could acknowledge the request and perhaps state why they haven't done it. But I've worked in SW, at the biggest of them, and I know what triage lists look like. It could be that it's low on the list. It could be that for some reason it's a difficult request to enable for reasons that we might not expect. It could be that it breaks something. But yes, if it's something a lot of people have requested then it would be nice to have more communication from Adobe as to why. 

That's why I'm appreciating the efforts I see Adobe putting forth lately, from this forum to the surveys I got after we wall went ape shit over the latest Lightroom changes. Transparency goes a long ways ....

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