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Wed, Jan 24, 2018 6:02 PM

Photoshop: Please add customizable number of control points to Transform Warp

Yes, this has been asked for for years and years now. Adobe has given us multiple ways to warp, but they're scattered about and finding just the right one that's quick and efficient for the need hasn't always been easy. Today, even remembering the multiple ways for transforming/warping has become difficult.

Think about it. No central location for access to : Adaptive Wide Angle, Perspective Warp, Puppet Warp, Warp, Transform, Free Transform, Perspective Crop, and then there's poor Vanishing Point way out in the hinterlands. And Liquify is yet another form of warping/transforming. Probably the only warp/transform tool that's in the obvious place for it is Text Warp. I think for most of us, all those warps and transformations also translates to a lot of confusion, while the basic Warp doesn't confuse anyone—it just is SO limited.

This is  a reason Warp needs to be more flexible. It's simple, stable, and if it had more anchors (in fact, were more like Gradient Mesh in AI, but for shape) it would be easy to locate, easy to use, and an easy choice to make for many common needs.

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Photoshop CC 2018: Healing and Spot Healing Brush Lag.


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3 years ago

YES! Great points Edward and Cristen! 



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3 years ago

And from my limited understanding, the warping engine has been updated (twice?) since being originally implemented in Ps, but hasn't yet made it into the app. The last major update to illustrator has the new version...