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Sat, Sep 3, 2011 2:52 AM

Photoshop Elements 9: Inconsistent UI for entering numbers

Photoshop Elements 9, Win7.

UI is inconsistent and annoying to use. e.g. when I wish to enter a value in a Hue/Saturation layer modal window, I cannot click/drag my cursor to highlight the existing number so I can overtype. I must release the mouse button and delete delete delete which is a PITA.

Sometimes I leave a zero, then type a 1 or a 2 or a 3 etc. in front of it to experiment. Sometimes the cursor jumps to the right of the zero simply because I have a stupid valid value so it thinks I'm done or some moronic such assumption. No, I'm not done and even if I was, why does the cursor need to be to the far right? I've never ever in my whole entire life seen a product that behaves like this.

Worse yet, it's not consistent.

I am trialing this product ONLY because I am unable to activate my PS CS on Win7. It's doubtful I'll be buying it.


12 Messages


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9 years ago

Following examples are using the Shadows/Highlights dialog box:

L-click/drag over any of the three numbers and it does not highlight the number (as it very well ought to).

Delete the 2 in the "Lighten Shadows" box so it reads 5%. Then type a 1 so it reads 15%. The cursor stays between the 1 and the 5, as it ought to.

Tab or click to the Darken Highlights box. Same deal.

Now the kicker... Midtone Contrast... No matter what I type there, no matter where my cursor OUGHT to be after I type a digit, it jumps to the right of the complete number. e.g. if I change it to 5, it changes to +5. If I then cursor over and type a 1 ahead of the 5 (to make 15), the cursor jumps to the right of the 5... even though maybe I want to try 25. This necessitates that I cursor back (assuming I'm aware that you've moved my cheese, er, cursor) before typing a 2. Why?

So the UI is not consistent even within this one dialog box. The Hue/Saturation window does not behave this way as I contended last evening. I was tired and annoyed and did not feel like double-checking my own work, much less yours.