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Fri, Sep 14, 2012 11:48 PM

Photoshop CS6: HP Z3100 printer driver having problems with custom page sizes

Photoshop CS6 64bit upsated today 9/14/12
WIndows 7/64

Cannot print a custom paper size above 13x19: reverts to 8.5x11.
Trying to print a 36x51 on HP Z3100.
Same saved image as psd with same settings prints fine in cs5.

Please do not tell me just to use standard sizes. It won't accept my 36x110, cs5, 4 and 3 did.

It would be nice if tech support would read these.


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7 y ago

Chris has now started deleting replies. He deleted my response, below 2x, although I have been following this forum, and replies, for quite some time.

This reply has been removed by Photoshop Family:
Replies can be removed by community moderators if they contain inappropriate content or private information. Chris Cox, a moderator for Photoshop Family, gave this reason for the change: "still failing to read the existing posts about why this can only be a driver issue"

So obviously the fact that Adobe changed the code in their API that now is affecting many users means that the problem can only be a driver issue. (Google this problem and there are thousands of posts)

It can't mean that there is a problem in the API that makes it incompatible with many drivers.

It can't mean that Adobe can't fix the problem by providing an interface in Photoshop similar to Illustrator, so that a paper size can be defined in the Application Interface.

And apparently Adobe, with all of their resources, can't duplicate the problem that so many of us are experiencing.

My original response (deleted twice) is below:

The problem is in CS6 and CC I have tried every suggestion posted on this topic. The problem is definately in changes made by Adobe. And the problems are NOT just with Photoshop, and NOT just with the Z3200 printers, but the combination of Photoshop and Z3200 if's awful. In Adobe Illustrator, for example, the page size is also not always properly picked up by the application, but at least in AI, you have a "Media" drop down that either allows you to select a media size, or define a custom size prior to printing. That feature in Photoshop would solve the problem and end the blame game. Chris, you've not been a help to anyone on this topic. The problem we have been reporting to you is NOT difficult to reproduce. If Adobe was truly interested in understanding the issue, all they need to do is work with anyone reporting the problem and identify a solution. Adobe created the problems with changes to their driver code. Give us a "legacy mode" that makes the interface to our printer drivers work as it did in CS4/5. Give us an option to define the paper size, as in AI. Please do SOMETHING other than point blame at the equipment mfg for drivers that work perfectly with all other applications except Adobe.