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Wed, Jul 9, 2014 9:17 PM

PHOTOSHOP CC: Exporting Clipboard" Freezing, Already Disabled.

When I try to save or print, Photoshop will suddenly come to a lurching halt for several minutes in order to "export clipboard".

Nearly every time, this action will not end on its own and I end up having to force close Adobe Photoshop - if it doesn't just crash. (I once waited over 10 minutes.)

When I followed instructions to disable this annoying feature, I found it was already disabled! - so why is the program still doing it? One of many reasons my official, licensed Adobe frequently crashes. Very dissatisfied with the number of bugs and errors in this very expensive "industry leading" software.

(Other bugs include: Random error finding my printer, requiring me to re-set my default printer settings. Adobe PDFs that have missing or corrupted image elements. Suddenly unable to free transform any layers or smart objects in a document until I open a new document and copy all the layers over. Sometimes just trying to SAVE is met with: Error: "Adobe Photoshop CC has stopped working. Windows can check online for a solution...")

My computer has gone through two (now known to be unnecessary) upgrades in my employers attempts to make Photoshop run correctly; our tech guy hoping it was my Lenovo and not Adobe causing the problem.

Neither fix helped, and I'm beyond blaming the hardware. It's disappointing to learn that even with a brand new, customized and upgraded graphics computer, Photoshop CC is so hardware demanding and poorly designed that Photoshop CS5 still works better on my 6 year old desktop at home than Photoshop CC does on my much better computer at the office.

Photoshop CC is buggy, and my employer is not paying so I can beta test it. This is wasting my time and negatively affecting the production rate of my department.


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7 y ago

Exporting the clipboard should go relatively quickly, unless you have something HUGE on the clipboard. But it could slow down if another application or utility is trying to consume the clipboard contents and doing so very slowly.

Errors when saving have usually been due to third party extensions that modify the OS save dialogs. But we've also seen bugs in drivers (USB sticks, external drives) cause crashes or hangs when saving.

It also sounds like your printer driver software has serious problems.

And please make sure you have installed all the Photoshop updates.

Photoshop CC really isn't that buggy, but it sounds like your system has serious issues that are causing problems for Photoshop.

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7 y ago

I'm the a graphic artist for our Marketing department, I work with print ads and so almost every file I create is huge - although it wasn't until recently that Photoshop began to warn me about the 2GB file size limit. How I'd never hit that before, even when working with 96x24" banners at 400dpi (usually in Ai, not Ps but there have been times), I don't know, but Adobe graphic software is supposed to be the industry leader for creating such documents. I would hope it could handle it so long as the computer hardware can keep up, which this computer should be able to do well according to the system requirements.

Even without errors, sometimes the lag has been unbearable.

Our tech guy has taken several looks at my computer and did not find anything running in the background that would be causing problems with Photoshop.

There's really not a lot installed on this computer as far as bloatware, mostly it's software has been stripped down to what is necessary for my department.

I recently had my HD switched out for an SSD because we thought it might be the hard drive causing so many Photoshop crashes when I attempted to save. At that time, I asked that any programs not being used be uninstalled or prevented from booting at start up while he was already working on it.

That, and I usually only have Photoshop and Chrome open, so I can't imagine what other program would be messing with my clipboard.

I can ask the tech guy to look again, but he has checked the other processes while I was having Photoshop CC errors and found nothing. He did say that Photoshop is not effeciently utilizing my RAM; I have 16 gigs available, but Photoshop doesn't seem to think so.

However, if the Export Clipboard feature is disabled, and yet still running and causing problems how is that explained/fixed?

Ps. We also have done two complete removals and fresh installs of Photoshop CC via Creative Cloud, and my current version is up to date.

I've started keeping a log of all errors I receive. There are currently five unique entries, not counting clipboard extraction.

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7 y ago

32 vs. 64 bit version seemed to be the problem. Switched over and most problems solved, although some files created using the 32 bit version still had the same errors so I ended up scrapping some of them.

Went a couple of months without issue, but now Photoshop CC is frozen, again, trying to export the clipboard.

Does no one know what causes this?