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Fri, Jun 10, 2011 8:55 PM

Photoshop: Auto-blend layers is not 360 pano aware

Auto-blend layers is not 360 aware, in other words the left and right outer edges don't match up, especially for 360 degree panoramas.

Here is a panorama blend from photoshop, after moving the outer edges into the middle: the tonality doesn't match (the fisheye vignetting only gets adjusted in the middle, not on the seam), and the pixel don't match:

This is the blend directly from ptgui, which is of course 360 aware, and blends "around"

(all 8 tiles, 6 around plus N/Z were warped in ptgui, and saved as blended and individual layers).

Please make the blender 360 aware, since it generally produces the best blending.


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