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Sat, Jul 14, 2018 12:03 PM

Photoshop 7. I am still using this programme !.....

Because of past difficulties with other programs, mainly when I couldn't  save layers at one point.

My Photoshop 7 files are it seems stored  in different locations on the PC.= Google drive/ onedrive/ My pictures/ Documents/  Picasa 3 ---heavens knows where. Maybe even duplicated.

I just used to click on File and there they were in folders and singles and in named alphabetical order.
Now they look as though they have been thrown in a heap out of a window...(10?). Always there, but not where I  look first.

I am ancient now, but still like to make the odd pictures , using old ideas,  so it would be helpful if I could just have one working storage location. I have extra cloud storage so that's not a problem .
Any easy solution please?


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