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Sat, Jul 15, 2017 8:54 AM


Password protected collections

There are many reasons you may want to show people images in Lightroom but could have issues with certain images accidentally showing up. Examples include other client photos, very personal images, potentially distressing images, explicit images etc. In fact the option to show only one collection (e.g.client's) images would be handy too.

I would have thought a collection or image attribute to hold a password would do the trick. Password protected images would simply not show. A menu item would allow passwords to be entered (including an "ALL" password"). I suggest a separate utility - even a simple text file would allow a backdoor to manage forgotten passwords. I am not suggesting bulletproof security here, just a simple mechanism to aid showing people your images in Lightroom safely. 

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4 years ago

The easiest (and I believe better) solution is to export that collection as a new catalog, and show that exported catalog rather than your main catalog. That will also safeguard you against accidental deletion or changes in edits.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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2 years ago

I would also like this to be implemented, because in Lightroom CC, there is no way to add a 2nd Catalog.