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Mon, Aug 10, 2015 10:08 AM

Nikkor 24-120 4.0 VR recognized as Nikkor 24-120 4.0 VR II

I have imported my holiday snaps with the current Lightroom 6.1.1, but the camera profile was wrong recognized. I use my 24-120 4.0 VR for several years and Lightroom had no trouble with importing the fotos. With the new update for LR all the fotos were recognized as 24-120 4.0 VR II, but I don't own such lens nor is it known to me, that such lens exists. The vignette correction parameters seem to be different for some focal distances and are wrong or over corrected. So I get blown out corners. I think that is a bug and should be corrected. I had to correct it by hand for nearly 1000 fotos.




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6 y ago


There is no official profile for a 24-120mm F4 VR II, so I am unsure how you would be seeing this lens name in the Lens Profile tab.

Are you seeing the name there or in the image metadata?

If you upload sample images to Dropbox or similar and post the link here I will take a look.


- Chris