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Thu, Nov 29, 2018 3:41 AM


New Photoshop Update Won't allow layer editing windows 10

I'm using photoshop cc 2019, with the latest update (20.0 WAS WORKING) but this latest version does not allow me to edit layers.  I can not ctrl+j to duplicate layers, or add adjustment layers.  Everything is greyed out.   I can hold alt+drag to duplicate layers, but again, I then cannot edit these layers. 

Razer Blade laptop (same issue on my desktop)
i7 8750u
16gb ram
1tb pcie ssd
windows 10 1060mq gpu


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2 years ago

This sounds very much like a problem already reported, whereby with the latest version Ps CC 20.0.1, if you open an image in Lr or Br and then then try to edit the image in Ps the menus are grayed out. If it is the same problem, then Adobe are aware and working on it.

In the meantime the suggested workaround is to have Ps launched (open) before you attempt to send the image from Lr (or Br). Another apparent workaround is to select "Disable the Home Screen" in Ps Preferences > General settings.

Glad that people are taking the time to report these issues, even if they have already been reported. Keeps the focus, and hopefully Adobe's attention, on how much this update is impacting users, some who rely on this product for their livelihood. Hopefully a fix to this and other issues will be soon coming.