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Fri, Feb 23, 2018 5:27 PM

Moving group of folders partially fails

When organizing my library if I try to move multiple folder to a new location the action stops responding after 5-8 folders. When moving a group at once the 1st 5-8 will move and the rest will stay where they were. Trying to move them again has no response. I have to close LR and re-open and try moving the remaining folders again, then they will move but if the groups is still large the same issue will occur. 

If I move folders 1 at a time it seem I can move more but if I go too quickly I get a errror msg says the folder couldn't be moved, but if I try again it will move correctly.

Possibly the issue is in the bulk move something is causing this error and crashing the process and locking up the state of the folders which is why they can't be moved until LR is rebooted.


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2 years ago

I suffer under this issue also, killing my workflow having to restart Lightroom.