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Sat, Jun 20, 2020 12:47 AM

moved layer won't update - bug

In version 21.2.0, whenever I have a layer and move it, the original image stays behind as if I hadn't moved it AND the new one goes to where I place it. The only way I've found to update it is to turn a background layer off and back on again. Anyone else running into this?

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Photoshop 21.2: Moving layer leaves duplicate/shadow image


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1 y ago

Can you see the thumbnails update in the layers panel but the canvas itself doesn't update? In that case i share your problem (and frustration).

I Only have this problem on one of my two computers, both updated with latest drivers on Win10/Nvidia/PS as far as I know but obviously there must be some kind of difference / a chance it might be solvable.

Maybe it's a GPU driver issue? I haven't had time to double check / troubleshoot it further because of work.