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Sun, May 3, 2015 5:51 PM


Looking for a simple photo sharing program for Macintosh

I have an iMac OS X 10.10.1 version. Am looking for a program that will allow me to upload photos from my camera or iPhone, and arrange the photos into albums of slideshows. I the want to allow only people I select to view those photos. I have no desire for anyone on Facebook, yahoo or any other social media site to view the photos. Will Revel work on my iMac and allow me to e-mail create restricted links for only the people I chose to view the photos without giving them access to all the photos or other sites on my computer? If Revel does not work for that purpose, do you have a program that will work for that purpose?


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6 years ago

That's exactly what I wanted Archie and why I use Revel. Note though, that it is cloud based, so you have to upload to the Revel server (you can then also access from mobile devices using the downloadable Revel app).

You just share links of the Albums with those that you want to view (and optionally download) them.

I assume Mac App (from the store) is compatible with 10.10