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Mon, Dec 5, 2016 8:29 PM


Lightroom: Unable to disable "Built-in Lens Profile applied" for raw files (#2)

Hi Louie,

Per request from Sony, Lightroom will enable the external lens profile automatically for raw files if the lens comp settings are enabled in the camera and an external profile is available in the version of the application you are running. The external profile corrects for geometric distortion and vignetting only. The chromatic aberration correction is baked into the raw file using opcodes that cannot be disabled in Lightroom.

If you wish to disable the external profile by default, you can set a new lens profile default (with it disabled) for each lens/camera combination.


- Chris

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4 years ago

Thank you Chris for the explanation.

The interesting thing is that I could see the CAs in the in-camera preview while taking my test shots the other day, However, as you noted the CAs in the raw file gets corrected regardless. It seems that Sony will allow you create in-camera JPG images without the CAs being corrected yet always correcting them for raw files. This appears to have been confirmed by testing shown here

I think that this is bug in Sony's firmware. I am using the latest ver 3.30. Maybe you can also bring this to Sony's attention.