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Thu, Mar 8, 2012 9:49 AM


Lightroom: Talk to us please

I would like Adobe to get back to us about this stream of bugs in V4.0

I rely on LR for my professional workflow and have to put it aside because it's colour labelling function isn't working properly.

I'd very much appreciate a bug list to be published by Adobe that lists the more serious/irritating bugs - there seem to be plenty of them - with a proposed date for when a fix will be released.

Is that doable or pie in the sky?



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9 y ago

Hi Richard,

We're working on all the issues listed in the forums and here. It takes time for us to determine if it's local to someone's computer or an issue in Lightroom, so we may not post right away. Sometimes we're working behind the scenes with customers via private message to get more data.

We don't publish a bug list, but we do document all the issues we discover in our knowledgebase and in the forums and on the feedback site. You can access via the tech support help and support page: You can search Community Help, then limit your search to or Support if you wish, after you start your search.

Unfortunately, the knowledgebase is being upgraded, so it's not available until next Wednesday. So we'll be posting to threads on the forums and here in the feedback site.
Hope this helps,