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Thu, May 23, 2019 1:30 AM


Lightroom: Still inconsistent capture date/time for photos and videos (merging)

Why isn't this fixed???  I thought I'd try importing again through Lightroom because I love that it doesn't import duplicates, but it's useless and creates such a mess of my files. 

2 issues exist due to the inconsistent capture date/time on all my .MOV files. : 
* Renaming video files on import using date & time in filenames
** Renaming video files using date OR date & time in filenames

Info: I'm using LR Classic CC (v. 8.3) and I have tested Canon 5D Mark II and IV, iphone 6s Plus and iphone X.  

*Renaming video files on import using DATE+TIME
Replicate Scenario: 
1. Import a video and rename upon import as: 
Date (YYYY)-Date (MM)-Date (DD)_Hour.Minute.Second.MOV

1. Library shows inconsistent Date Digitized and Date Captured.
        *Date Digitized= correct capture date and time; and agrees with import screen's.
        *Capture time= import time for all video files.
2. Filename time is wrong for all video files.  
3. Filename date is wrong for all video files taken after 5:59 pm or 6:59 CST.
4. Files are sorted correctly 

Conclusion: **SOMEWHERE in LR there is another time that isn't shown and is off by 5-6 hours (at least in Central time zone), resulting in the file naming/re-naming problem. This is the time that is used for naming files.

** RENAMING existing video files with DATE+TIME:
Replicate Scenario:
1. Use any existing video file that has inconsistent date/time digitized and date/time values (such as the files imported above):

2. Rename them:
Date (YYYY)-Date (MM)-Date (DD)_Hour.Minute.Second...

3. They are renamed using the date/time value, which is the IMPORT date/time. Absolutely useless.

Conclusion: No idea.

I know the workaround. The workaround gets OLD. And there shouldn't BE one.  

Is there a way to change the date??  My luck I could have fixed my own issue.  I don't see anywhere to change the time zone...  But it's always consistently 5-6 hours off, which is just weird.

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