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Thu, Sep 26, 2013 11:25 AM


LIGHTROOM - Needs Books backup

I use Lightroom to create photo books, I enjoy working on a book and be able to edit photos at the same time. The tool is perfectionable and I'm sure future versions of Lightroom will bring exciting new features. Sorely missing feature is the backup books Lightroom format that could be opened again and then edit. I've already lost an entire book because of a software bug and I shudder every day to lose another.


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5 years ago

You are so correct! The ability to create a book and adjust the images at the same time is amazing and is such a lifesaver. However, we are still waiting for features that Adobe has been promising, such as the desperately needed more flexible layout. As of now, I'm forced to use an outside program for my photo books, and anxiously awaiting a more usable book module.