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Mon, Dec 11, 2017 10:10 PM

Lightroom naming

No, it's not very convenient and it doesn't help with Google and Bing (etc) web searches.

Last year I paid good money for a thick book on Lightroom. Most of the text still applies to the new "Classic" version but this book is now worthless for resale. Stores, warehouses, authors and publishers will be stuck with unsold copies. Adobe cost a lot of people real money.

I can't imagine any good reason to steal the name "Lightroom" except to trick people into thinking that all the commendations Lightroom has received over the years somehow apply to this new image-gathering database.

Again I request that Adobe revert the situation. Name the new product something unique to indicate its area of expertise and give us back our famous Lightroom. Please.

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Why call it 'Classic' ?


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