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Wed, Mar 18, 2020 12:07 PM

Lightroom Mobile: Error T20200121

Hi! I have the same error with code T20200121 and my mobile LR version is the latest - 5.2.2. I’m using iPhone XS, iOS version 13.3.1

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1 y ago

I am having the EXACT same error code with the same number appear on my mobile version of Lightroom as well. The edits that I did on my desktop version are  not transferring over and the message "The photo failed to load" is showing up. Please help!

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8 m ago

I am experiencing the same error.

Devices: iPad Pro 12.9” running 14.1 and iPhone11 Pro Max running 14.0.1

Lightroom v5.4.2 25D6ES on both devices.

I uploaded a batch of photos from an SD card on the iPad and created an album in Lightroom. The photos were then edited and 29 of 52 photos that I attempted to export to my gallery and I received an export error.

Across devices these same 29 photos are not syncing correctly. When I try to access the edited photos on my iPhone the edits are not syncing and I received the error cod T20200121.

Please Help! 

I utilize my iPad as my main driver for a lot of my Lightroom work and if this bug affects all Lightroom across devices then I need to know if I need to move my work to a different application. Is there an ETA for a bug fix or release that may resolve these issues which breakdown the most essential parts of the platform?