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Mon, Mar 26, 2018 2:17 PM

Lightroom Classic: How about making the Lightroom Brush pressure sensitive (merging)

Hi Todd - Thanks for the help and my apologies for the tardy reply. I'm using:
Windows 10 Business Edition 10.0.16299
Lightroom Classic 7.2 [1156743]
Wacom Driver 6.3.29-4
These are the latest versions as far as I know.
When the "use Windows Ink" box is checked there is  slider lag where the slider does not respond to initial movements from the pen. Also the adjustment brush does not begin to work as soon as the tool is applied. It also has lag.
When the "use windows box" is unchecked, there is no slider lag but the pressure sensitivity is then lost.
I tried disabling some of the windows pen features as per this somewhat crude blog
but it did not  make a difference. 
I've also turned off "Use graphics process - that did not make a difference either.
If you have any other ideas please let me know.
Wacom says leave the box checked and get Adobe to fix their bug. Adobe support said "the adjustment brush in Lightroom isn't pressure sensitive so whats the problem?"

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3 y ago

It's been a long-standing issue probably due to Win10 and perhaps Mac OS X major updates. Not sure why Adobe can't find a solution, but I'm sure MS doesn't make it easy. Have you tried using the scrubby sliders? Hover over the slider number field and drag the double-arrow R&L with the pen.