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Fri, Feb 8, 2019 6:22 PM

Lightroom Classic CC imports duplicates direct from camera even when "Don't import suspected duplicates" is checked

I have a Windows 10 laptop running Lightroom Classic CC Release 8.1. I have connected a Canon EOD 60D to the laptop directly, using a USB cable.

I am importing images to Lightroom from the camera, and ensuring "Don't import suspected duplicates" is checked.

Yet, Lightroom is still importing duplicate files and suffixing the filename with "-2" for example, it previously imported file IMG_1823.CR2 and now it will import the same file again and name it IMG_1823-2.CR2 so I end up with two files exactly the same.

It appears that Lightroom is not recognising the file on the camera as being a duplicate, so it imports it, and then realises it is a duplicate and so changes the filename.

There are similar posts to this problem, but they seem to refer to users that are renaming files on import. I am not attempting to rename files on import, but it is still importing duplicates.


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