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Sat, May 18, 2019 8:50 PM

Lightroom Classic 8.3 Plugin Error

I am getting the "The specified folder is not writable." error, but not with export. Instead, I am using the Negative Lab Pro plugin and get this same error message whenever I try to use the plugin. The behavior is the same whether the image file is on my local C: drive or on an external hard drive. No issues before the 8.3 update.




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2 years ago

Check where the plugin wants to write the exported file to. The current location of the original is not relevant, it’s the destination of the exported file that probably causes this problem.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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2 years ago

I'm having the same issue. Does anyone know how to determine what directory NLP or Lightroom stores previews? The error is not during export, it's when trying to use NLP to convert the negative. Any help is appreciated.