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Wed, Nov 29, 2017 2:54 AM


Lightroom CC: Video capture date shifts 7 hours ahead (android to pc to lightroom cc) (merging)

ExifTool shows all the dates in the video as 2017:11:25 21:11:01 (9:11 pm 11/25/17).  Clearly the video was taken during the day (great dog!) -- assuming you're in PST (UTC - 8), you took it at 1:11 pm?

It looks like the Samsung/Android software strictly obeyed the spec and recorded the capture date in UTC. And there is no time zone or indication of local time recorded in non-standard fields in the video.   
There are (at least) a few ways that Adobe could improve this situation (caused by Apple's QuickTime specification failure):

- Adobe could ask Android or Samsung to record time zone in a non-standard field and give Adobe permission to read it.  They could suggest the same field that iOS uses.

- LR could infer the time zone from the GPS data (there's a well-maintained database of worldwide time zones they could use).

- LR CC could add the Edit Capture Time command that's been in LR 1 - 7, which would let you manually shift the time shown for the video.

Based on years of Adobe's indifference to capture-time issues, I'm guessing this last may be the best you could reasonably hope for.

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