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Tue, Apr 4, 2017 8:40 PM


Lightroom: Brush lag with Wacom tablets (merging)

9 months later and the problem is still here! Some more information... Using the Wacom in "Pen" mode, after touching the pen tip to the tablet, LR needs to see the cursor move a short distance before LR will move a slider, the zoomed image, etc. If I change the Wacom to "Mouse" mode (but still using the pen/stylus), the sliders now move correctly but the cursor navigation isn't as good as in "Pen" mode. This is with Windows Ink enabled. LR 2015.9, Wacom 6.3.15-3 (also with 6.3.21-3).

This isn't a difficult problem! When can we expect it to work properly?

(P.S.--Wacom said that it's Adobe's problem; Adobe "support" told me today that Lightroom isn't designed for a Wacom tablet)

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Lightroom: Laggy sliders on Windows with Wacom tablets


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