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Wed, Jun 17, 2015 3:43 AM


LIGHTROOM Auto Exposure Option for Import Develop Preset

I can make a preset for every setting in lightroom, but making a batch setting for exposure is something I can't do if all of the photos are slightly different.

Can we have an option that "auto exposes" imported photos before culling while leaving the rest of the work to our import preset?

If there are under exposed images in a set (shooting during bright days for example) it's hard to sort through without first adjusting exposure. Basically the tool would take a look at the histogram and change the exposure weighted towards the emptier part of the histogram (or do nothing if it's close enough). In the case of an underexposed image it would know to go right, overexposed it would go left.

(you might have the code to do this already since there's already an "auto tone", it would basically refine the functionality to just exposure.)

It doesn't need to make every image spot on (subjective etc.), just enough to cull through photos without having to make exposure adjustments to see the image while sorting.

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