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Thu, Oct 31, 2019 7:36 AM


"Layer Styles" Box Needs Different View Options

I would like to see a different way to apply a Layer Style effect such as Drop Shadow, Outer Glow, Bevel, etc.

Basically, the whole "Layer Styles" Box, but in a collapsible panel. Like all the other "Window" panels that can be adjusted to different sizes.

When a layer is selected, and the "Layer Styles Window" is open on the righthand "Collapse to Icons" panel; Photoshop will automatically save the Layer Styles that have been checked for that particular layer, along with the Effect(s) and their values. The adjustable values for each effect will also be displayed under the name of that effect in the same window, in a similar fashion to the way Lightroom displays it's effects. (I've attached a picture of Lightroom for an example.)

Thank you!


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2 y ago

So we're not saving a preset, just applying the effect to the layer AND having the individual effects be modifiable in place, instead of having to open a modal dialog? I could get behind that idea, difficult to design as it might be, because I don't like modal dialogs.

Or perhaps, if not a floating, non-modal panel on its own in the workspace, they could incorporate it into the Properties panel. Illustrator has shown the way to reducing the number of panels we have to have in our workspace by being contextually responsive. It might be possible to find a way to let us click on an unfolding module, LR-style, within that one panel. You wouldn't need to collapse it to apply it to the layer. That would be done in real time as you create the style, and when you moved to another property in the panel, or another layer that doesn't take layer effects, it could auto-collapse—kind of a solo mode for the Properties panel.