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Sun, Jan 6, 2019 10:53 AM


Keyword List Management Features Please

As a sports photographer, I use keyword lists a lot.  Some features that would make my workflow easier:
  • importing keywords into the specific keyword list I have created.  Every year I create a new keyword list for each team I shoot (currently 9).  It would really help my pre-season set-up if I could import the new roster in it's entirety into the specific team spot I have created.  Even better, the ability to copy the roster from one year to the next but as a fresh list, without the tags to the existing photos in the catalogue for that athlete.
  • having the keyword list work like a "command-F" short-cut.  rather than giving me all the photos in the catalogue for that athlete, just give me the photos in the folder and filter that I have selected.  This would really help my workflow for post-game production.  
Thanks for considering.  


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