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Thu, Feb 23, 2017 5:06 PM


Inconsistent capture dates

Thank you to  John R. Ellis, Champion - I have been able to begin to fix the incorrect dates allocated by Lightroom.  But I am still of the opinion that Lightroom is not importing the information correctly when it is in the EXIF.

I found this thread because I am really frustrated with Lightroom, and could not find out how to fix the mess it seemed to have made of my jpgs.  These were taken with my own digital cameras.

I installed Lightroom as part of the CC Photography suite on 14 October 2016.   It has set a huge number of them to a "Capture Date/Time" of then.  Initially I thought it was setting them to that date of import, but it seems that is because it used the last time the file was changed, and most files had their "ModifyDate" amended on that date.

Looking at exactly the same photos in Windows explorer and other programs shows their correct time under "Date/Time Digitised". 

Until today, all I could tell was that Lightroom was doing it "wrong".  It has internally allocated its "Capture Date/Time" field but doesn't show it except in sorting.

Following the suggestion of using attributes to filter, I find that most of my files show under "unknown" in the Date column.  So why does Lightroom show a date in the "Capture Date/Time" that it uses for sorting? How can it say unknown yet have a "Date/Time Capture"?  Why is it "Unknown" when there are valid entries in the EXIF? This inconsistency has caused me to waste so much time.

I have now looked at the EXIF using ExiftoolGUI.  There is a field called "DateTimeOriginal" which is I am guessing what you mean in your comment above by  "original date/time" field. That has the correct information, as does the field "CreateDate".  So it should work.  Lightroom has just ignored those, and used the date of last modification to set the "Capture Date/Time" which it insists on using as the default field for sorting!  If Lightroom would allow sorting by the other fields, it would not be as important.

Thanks to this thread, I have now found the way of using ExifTool and ExifToolGUI to fix the date and time so that the incorrect data is corrected and files are sorted correctly by Lightroom.

There is now a field called "Date Time Original" in the EXIF section of Metadata in Lightroom, that was not there before:

So what happened? 

It appears that prior to Lightroom importing the files, some XMP data has been lost, or not created. Because there is SOME XMP data, Lightroom then ignores valid EXIF data.

I fixed the first mentioned files before doing screenshots, so for comparison, here is the Metadata as shown in Lightroom for two other files.  The first has been given an erroneous Capture Date/Time; the second is correct.

In ExifToolGUI, the missing fields are XMP:CreateDate and XMP:ModifyDate.  All of the EXIF fields are there and correct.  Yet Lightroom only allocates the correct date for sorting to the file below which for some reason has those XMP fields.

The two files are on dropbox in case looking at them will help confirm whether I have worked out the issue, or if there is something else that Lightroom is doing / not doing.  Do I need to report a continuing bug?

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