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Sun, Mar 25, 2018 5:24 AM


In Loupe / Full-Screen, view file number / total files

Under Library View Options->Loupe View->Loupe Info, please add the ability to show "file number / files total."

When viewing individual photos in Loupe View (...or in Full-Screen), it's useful to be able to know how far along you are in the current folder.  For instance, in Irfanview, you can see it both in the status bar (screenshot: or via an info overlay (screenshot: But in Lightroom, the only way to know the total photo count seems to be to reveal the filmstrip (which, even when shrunk down as small as it will go, uses a TON more vertical screen real estate than should be necessary to get that numerical info). And figuring out which photo you're actually on requires either just visually guessing how far along the filmstrip's scrollbar you are, or switching to Grid View to see the "index number," then switching back to Loupe.


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