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Sun, Sep 2, 2018 7:26 PM

I need to use the Quick selection tool along with the "fill layer"options in a way more effective way and I really need help with this

I use photoshop to make maps depicting how much land certain nations of kingdoms etc. controlled, what I do is I grab a ready terrain map of a certain part of the world (i.e a map without countries and has the natural features on it) like this one

I then use quick selection mixed with lasso tools to draw the controlled area on the already existing map, then use layer fill to colour the area depicting what that nation controls like this

However I face 2 problems: first of all if I wanna make 2 layers and color them, I can no longer edit the *borders* of the first layer unless I ctrl+z back to that layer, which is intolerable when doing this for like 10 nations (10 layers), keyword here is borders NOT the properties of the coloring itself (which I know how to edit), i.e the selection itself cannot be edited once I hit fill, is there a way to edit the selection of a layer after doing an action on it?

Second problem is when I make a second selection that covers a part of the first layer and then hit fill, the shared space between the 2 layers gets a mix of 2 colors instead of 1 color overriding the other, even if the color is the same used, it will just increase the thickness of that 1st color (because I set opacity to 70%), how do I do a fill of a second selection while making the second color override the first one instead of merging with it?


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