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Wed, Dec 7, 2011 6:12 AM


I miss Link between Collections and Templates in LR3: something like Projects.

Lightroom, has a Template-Browser, and Collections which can use on Print- and/ore Webmodule. What i miss is a Link between this both: Templates and Collections.

Dear Santaclause. I wish something that brings this parts together in a simple and straight forward way.

For example: i use collection of Images on a specific Print-Template. I miss something, where to store this collection:

1.) The Template which is used.
2.) which images that i use on the Template, where is it placed in the template, and which viewport (excerpt) i use for the specific image.

Similar wish for Web temlate: I use different Preview Websites for my Customers. But it is not possible to remember which fotos are published whithin a single project.

Library-Module has the Publishing-Services-Tab, this may be a part of the solution, but this is not availible in Print and Web module. Maybe a target- option (Print/Web-Modul/Filesystem/...) for the Publishing-Services may solve that.

creation of...
a) a collection specific for images that you print with this template and name it something like
b) create the template and save it under the name .

...sounds like a workarround for me. But it lacks in some cases:

1.) Print module:
It may work for ImagePackages, but not for UserdefinedPackages, which i use intensively.

The Information "which image is in which Frame" is not stored anywhere.
Very often the images doesnt fit in the frame, so they have to be adjusted (moved) in the Viewport of the frame... This information isnt stored anywhere, too.

2. Web-Module:
The biggest Problem is, that there is no synchronisation. It is not tracked which fotos where added, or removed. On any minor changes, the whole stuff is uploaded again. The publishing service delivers such a Sync-Functionality, but only for the catalog.

Thats what i miss im LR 3.


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