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Wed, Sep 26, 2018 6:08 PM

How to Disable "Welcome to Photoshop" Screen?

How can I disable the "Welcome to Photoshop" screen? I want to get to the "start" screen (recent documents) without having to click "next."


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2 years ago

Do you have any recent documents in your Recents list? Once you've opened a document (and closed it) Photoshop will revert to the familiar Start Screen with your Recent files. Or at least, it should. Mine did. It appears to be their, er, Welcome to you on first start.

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2 years ago

Hi Jeff,

Are you still seeing this or did you get past it? If not, can you just ignore "Next" and click one of those buttons on the right -- "create new" or "open." Clicking next shouldn't be necessary.