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Thu, May 22, 2014 8:15 AM


Helmholtz kohlrausch effect compensation, Munsell, Lab, etc

Hello all.
To be honest, i have no freaking idea if this is a good or a bad idea, so i thought it was a perfect candidate for sharing with people so that they can flame or applaud me in the end :p. Mixed feelings are fun.

The overall goal is to satisfy the control freak painter, not the foolish instinctively painting one (though, maybe it can, i don't know).

The first problem i ran into when i started digital painting was to choose and assign my colors. Long story short, i figured out there was great handiness in using the teachings of the Munsell color system and the beauty of the lab world: you choose a given luminance (like "it has to be this value in the shadows"), then you focus on a hue and your are normally sure that it won't mess up with your final values (the coolorus 2.0 plugin is fantastic for that by allowing to lock the color wheel on a given Luminance).

But i did not know i was tricked by my damn brain (as often in life, meh), and that more saturated colors were actually making me perceive things as brighter or dimmer (even though they are NOT in reality, very important point. It is your brain that makes that up).
Control Freak me don't want that! I want to focus peacefully on choosing my hues and create variations that don't mess up with the brilliant values i have painted on my layer down there (or more precisely, i know that for photoshop there is no change in value if i put a grey layer on top in color blendmode, but my brain thinks otherwise).

So i thought: Would it be possible to have a special blend mode (or an option, somewhere and somehow) that is both making you assign colors AND compensates for this effect (which is non linear by the way, different hues create brighter or dimmer effects)? This would allow control freak man to focus only on assigning hues, now that he is certain that the perceived brightness of its image is SAFE.

Again, this is probably the weirdest post you have read there. Sorry if it is.
Maybe i am going to reread this post in one day and wonder "what the H*** was i thinking back then??". Anyway, i take the risk.
And as always, thanks for reading.


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